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Area Rug Cleaning in Rye, New York

Area rugs are great at tying a room together. At Tulip Carpet Cleaning Rye NY, we provide the best professional area rug cleaning for your residential and commercial spaces in Rye, New York. Professionals recommend having area rugs cleaned every one to three years depending on the usage and the traffic. Oriental rugs should be cleaned at least once a year as they are mostly used in high traffic areas.

Messes happen every too often and this is when you need professional rug cleaners near you. Our techs can give your rugs the best treatment to protect your investment. If you are in Rye, New York look no further than Tulip Carpet Cleaning Rye NY.

Professional Rug Cleaning Techniques

There are different rug cleaning techniques that our professionals use. These techniques depend on the type of material your rug is made of. Our rug cleaning specialists advise our clients on the best techniques to use on their rugs for the best results and a long-lasting area rug.

Here are a few of the professional rug cleaning techniques that we provide.

  • Steam cleaning/ hot water extraction
  • Dry cleaning/ absorbent compound
  • Shampooing
  • Foam Rug Cleaning
  • Bonnet cleaning
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Steam Cleaning/ Hot Water Extraction

This is the most common professional rug cleaning technique out there. With this technique, dirt is broken down by applying hot water at high pressure to get deep into the carpet fibers. The hot water is later extracted using a vacuum, hence, the name hot water extraction.

The process of steam cleaning starts with applying a cleaning agent to the targeted area. The cleaning agents are applied using a brush and left for a while to allow breakage of the dirt deep into the rug fibers. After the cleaning agent has had time to break up the dirt you bring in the hot water. The whole process may take an hour and two hours to dry in a residential setting. However, commercial and office spaces may take longer depending on the size.

Dry Rug Cleaning

Drying cleaning is best used for those clients who need to deep clean their rugs but don't want to deal with wet rugs. In this rug cleaning technique, absorbent compounds are applied using a mechanical brush to disrupt the rug fibers. To separate dirt from the rug fibers you let the compound settle for a while and then use a professional-strength dry vacuum to vacuum.


This has been the most used heavy-duty rug cleaning technique for a long time. The process has however evolved. Rug shampooing involves the application of a foaming substance with a brush machine. The shampoo and the dirt are removed by wet vacuuming after which the rug is given time to dry.

Foam Rug Cleaning

This rug cleaning technique uses synthetic foam applied on the area rug using a brush machine. The foam forms powder crystals in which dirt in the rug is encapsulated. The powder is vacuumed taking the dirt with it. This method is preferred to shampooing as it leaves no residue and takes less time to dry. It, however, cannot be used on heavily soiled area rugs.

Bonnet Cleaning

This technique is mostly used in commercial buildings like hotels, it is the fastest rug cleaning technique. It is a short-term solution as it only polishes the rug's surface removing the dirt; the soil at the bottom layers will eventually come up to the surface. Bonnet cleaning is not ideal for residential cleaning as it leaves a chemical residue.

At Tulip Carpet Cleaning Rye NY, we make sure to use eco-friendly products for all our rug cleaning services. If you are in Rye, New York free feel to contact us for an estimate for all your rug cleaning needs at 914-712-8122. Whatever your rug type or material we have you covered.

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